Marko Dašić

Senior Researcher

Marko Dašić

Marko Dašić was born on 18. August 1988. in Priština. He completed all levels of higher education at the Faculty of Political Science in Belgrade, where in 2021 he obtained the title of Doctor of Political Science. He is currently working as a Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Political Science, in the scientific field of international studies.

In his academic career, he published around 20 articles in the field of international relations, foreign politics, and diplomacy. In the last few years, he participated in some significant projects, for instance, the International Visitor Leadership Program of the US State Department, when he observed midterm elections 2018, and Leadership Academy for Development (June 2018) organized by the Stanford University and Faculty of Political Science, the University of Belgrade.

Since 2019, he is engaged as a researcher at several regional and international projects. For a few years in a row, he was engaged as a lecturer at the Clemson University Study Abroad Program – Spring Semester in Belgrade, organized in partnership with the University of Clemson from South Carolina and Faculty of Political Science in Belgrade.

He is a member of the International Studies Association, the Center for American Studies, and the Center for Social Dialogue and Regional Initiatives.